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Decided you’re going to invest in property improvements for your Lymington home? Congratulations. It’s an exciting time and whether you opt for house refurbishments or house extensions, they can prove to be fantastic long-term investments you can immediately reap the benefits of. Our team of qualified builders, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters are on hand to help you make your dream improvement a reality. To discuss your ideas, call Anthony Carpentry and Building Services on 07973 146 082!


This article looks at one of the most dreaded stages of any construction project: obtaining planning permission. Unfortunately, this initial stage has a bad reputation and is known for causing all sorts of anxieties and hold-ups. However, the vast majority of prospective clients around Lymington have nothing to fear. Not only are our builders, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters on hand to guide you through the process and assist with getting that green light, but many house refurbishments and house extensions don’t even need permission. That’s what today’s blog looks at.


Planning Permission & Your Home Improvement Project


House Refurbishments


The short answer is that the vast majority of house refurbishments we take on in and around the Lymington area do not require planning permission before our builders, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters get to work. There are a few exceptions, however. If you live in a listed building, you will need to get approval for anything significant; this goes for both internal and external work.

The same goes if you plan to work on the outside of your property if you live in a designated Conservation Area or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Now the term significant is highly subjective, so we urge you to seek our advice on the matter. After a survey of your property and a discussion regarding your ideas, we’ll be able to give you a definite answer.


House Extensions


A bit more complex than with house refurbishments, but it’s still the case that most Lymington house extensions can go ahead under permitted development rules. However, consult our builders, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters to ensure that they are not too large, wide or stylistically inconsistent to not need permission. As a general outline, house extensions are good to go if:


  • Less than half the area of land surrounding the original property is to be added to
  • The extension doesn’t reach beyond the highest point of your roof
  • Similar materials are used to match the existing property
  • Eaves do not extend higher than the property
  • No raised platforms (e.g balconies) are included
  • They abide by strict dimensions, variable depending on whether house extensions are single or multi-storey


For further advice or to discuss your ideas for house refurbishments or house extensions in the Lymington area, call our friendly team of builders on 07973 146 082.

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